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The biggest event in the Scottish dental calendar is over for another year! We would like to thank everyone who came and visited us our stand at the Scottish Dental Show at the weekend.

The sixth annual Scottish Dental Show was been just as exciting as ever, with over 2000 people coming through the doors on Friday and Saturday, making it the most popular year so far. For this year’s show our theme was Nature. This year we have particularly focused on combining the science of CAD/CAM dentistry with the art of the dental technician and we are always looking to recreate the natural smile and all the perfect imperfections that implies. Our theme allowed us to showcase ways in which CAD/CAM technology can be used to capture the forms existing in nature and adapt them to a patient’s smile, which allows the technician to deliver a more natural restoration.

Also on show was our brand new multi-layered zirconia material. This was an incredibly exciting announcement for us! Monolithic materials, such as Crystalite and Opalite have transformed the restorations we create by combining accuracy, strength and translucency and this new launch is the most aesthetic yet. Multi-layer zirconia offers a flowing colour gradation from cervical to incisal, achieving a natural translucency gradient. This makes multi-layer zirconia restorations fast, cost efficient with never before achievable levels of aesthetics. Stay tuned to find out when you can try this groundbreaking new material, exclusively from DTS.

We also unveiled the new 3Shape TRIOS® 3 wireless: this was the first showing of this technology in Scotland. This revolutionary new launch from 3Shape connects via Wi-Fi to laptops and to the TRIOS cart, which eliminates the need for a cable to be attached to either. This improves the scanners overall maneuverability, which many dentists felt was the only thing slowing down the TRIOS®. Contact us today to try this amazing piece of technology in your practice. We were also nominated for “Dental Laboratory of the Year”, which we sadly missed out on but we are still incredibly proud of all our hard working DTS team. You can read more about the incredible things we have achieved this year here. Well done to all the winners of the Scottish Dental Awards!

Every year the Scottish Dental Show allows us to have a chat with our loyal customers and friends whilst sharing the amazing new developments we have going on at DTS. We would like to thank everyone again for visiting us and making Scottish Dentistry such an amazing industry. We are already looking forward to next year!

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