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Working towards digital dentistry  preview image

Working towards digital dentistry

Digital dentistry has become the buzzword of our industry over the last few years and no one truly knows what that means when it comes to the day-to-day running of a dental practice. Most of us are already on our digital journey in our home life and maybe, without us realising, this has moved into our work life too.

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The machine that changed my life preview image

The machine that changed my life

It’s a very sad week in the life of our company (DTS and Core3dcentres UK), as today we decommissioned our very first Lava milling machine. Why have so much emotion about a piece of machinery? Well, because it single-handedly changed and transformed the way we worked our dental laboratory, and our thinking has never been the same again.

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The confusing world of materials in dentistry preview image

The confusing world of materials in dentistry

It used to be so much simpler when a denture was a denture and a crown was a crown. Our laboratory forms were blank sheets of paper with even room to draw a picture. However in the last few years branding has hit dentistry and will continue to drive our industry.

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