DTS discusses the future of dentistry with Rasmus Nielsen, International Product Manager for 3Shape

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This week DTS caught up with Rasmus Nielsen, Product Manager for 3Shape, for an exclusive chat about working with Dr Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga and about what the future of the industry has in store. 

What does your role as Product Manager for 3Shape involve?

I work with our engineering department and customers to develop new features and workflows for our dental scanners and CAD design software.

Why do you think it was important for 3Shape to work with Livio Yoshinaga and Dr Paulo Kano on the SKYN concept?

We are very excited about working with Livio and Dr Kano on the SKYN concept: We really like how the concept is very patient driven and led by natural aesthetics and Dr Kano and Livio and their team are some of the most skilled in the industry. It is definitely something novel and that is really the ethos of 3Shape. Therefore we are doing our best to support the SKYN Concept and Core3dcentres.

What do you think it is that makes 3Shape the market leader in Intra-oral scanning in particular, and such an exciting company in general?

I’ve been with 3shape for two years and it has been fantastic – and over that period the company has continued to grow considerably. I think what makes 3Shape successful is really our appetite for innovation: we are always looking for new ideas. We also have some of the best engineers in the industry. 3Shape combines cutting edge technology with knowledge about dentistry and develop our products in close collaboration with our partners and customers to support their workflow needs.

What do you think the greatest benefit of the digital workflow is for the dentist?

I think the greatest benefits are higher quality and time saving and this benefits both the patient, the dentist and the dental technician. All the new materials, the digital tools and the Intra-oral scanning are combined to ensure you get really high aesthetics and a consistent quality every time. Digital makes life easier for a lot of people – the manual way of working is somewhat cumbersome. This enables the dentists and dental technicians to spend more time on what they really enjoy doing and make beautiful and functional restorations. 

What excites you the most about the future of the dental industry?

I’m really excited about the way in which everything is coming together, about how implantology, orthodontics, restorative and the new technologies CBCT, face scanning and surface Intra-oral scanning merge. When combined you will get a full digital overview – at 3Shape we call this ‘the digital patient’. There are just so many new things happening and I can see that the future will bring some very exciting tools for the dentist and dental technician.

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