Core3dcentres: A Formal Introduction

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Whenever we discuss DTS Digital, you will have heard us mention our digital partners and sister company Core3dcentres. From our point of view they always go together but we realised our customers may not have a complete understanding of why that is.

DTS was one of the first dental laboratories in Europe to start working with CAD/CAM technology. Little did we know then the complete transformation that it would bring to our industry!Due to our long-standing expertise in this area, the Directors of DTS were amongst the founding members of the Core3dcentres group.Core3dcentres was established in 2008 by four advanced dental businesses- Cordent, Aurum, DTS and Race - all family businesses and leaders in their respective markets. Our drive to knowledge share and innovate through the adoption of new technology, along with our shared values and business ethos, has led to Core3dcentres being recognised in the industry as the world leader in CAD/CAM dentistry.

Core3dcentres’ global network now extends to: Asia Pacific, Benelux, Canada, Germany, Japan, Southern Europe, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA. We are excited to be launching in Poland next month, and to be launching in Hungary, Italy and Mexico by the end of 2017. 

This global network of passionate individuals in dentistry offer a unique vision of the bigger picture in our industry. At the forefront of dentistry,Core3d is the first company to bring together the typically fragmented technologies of: digital impression scanning, computer-aided design, customised digital manufacture of restorations, prostheses, appliances and models through the various milling and additive technologies.

For DTS, Core3dcentres exists as a true digital dentistry partner.

Our success and growth is reflected in our rapidly expanding customer base and workforce, a worldwide professional network, and a constant exchange of knowledge through our leading edge Core3daCADemy training and educational programmes. These combined aspects make Core3dcentres a global leader – consistently embracing, adapting and applying the benefits of the technological shift to digital dentistry.

Core3dcentres is recognised as the Global Leader in digital dentistry. With each change and development a wealth of possibilities and opportunities come to the fore. Our unique partnership with Core3dcentres allows us to bring these potential opportunities to you, in turn helping you stay ahead of the curve in our rapidly evolving industry.

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