Taking the Unknown Out of Implant Dentistry

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DTS has been delivering implant retained restorations since the early days of implantology in the UK, which is almost 35 years now, and we would like to think we have gained a pretty good knowledge on systems and techniques. We are known for our innovation and problem solving and, with the huge impact digital technology is making to manufacturing, there has never been a better time to support our customers through these implant procedures. Due to our in-house milling and digital technology techniques we have been able to provide more accurate solutions and even been able to give highly aesthetic solutions to problems that would have proved challenging or even impossible before.

DTS were one of the companies that pioneered the bending of screw access hole in metal frameworks 20 degrees allowing more flexibility in the aesthetic zone. This technique has now become common practice.

When it came to higher aesthetics, DTS was amongst the first to deliver zirconia abutments and full morphology zirconia crowns using titanium interfaces. Although not for every case, these techniques undoubtedly provide higher aesthetics in reduced space.

We found our biggest challenge in implant cases was to always give a consistent and accurate cost. Due to the multitude of different implant systems and the huge variation in both surgery and lab components prices, it was almost impossible to advertise an actual price for a complete implant restoration. Implant pricing in most dental labs was, and still is, a black art with additional unforeseen costs at every point. In this competitive marketplace this in no way is ideal for the practice who have to give accurate quotes to patients while being confident that no additional costs from the lab will compromise the surgery pricing.

Fortunately for DTS customers we are starting to move on from those days with the introduction last year of our fixed price implant cases. Through working with our sister company Core3dcentres, which creates digital dental solutions on a global scale, we were able to develop consistent pricing for components for a significant proportion of common implant systems. There are still one or two closed implant systems that we can't have fixed prices on, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

Our fixed price implant cases give a solid price with no hidden costs or surprises. They are completely all inclusive: you can quote with confidence.  Of course not every case fits within the standard fixed price options, however we have worked hard to offer the most commonly requested solutions to make your cases as cost effective as possible.

Add this to our expertise in oral scanning technology and workflows and you add a further dimension to treatment planning and patient satisfaction.

Since introducing this concept our customers have embraced it and we have had excellent feedback. This concept however is nothing without an experienced team of high quality and knowledgeable technicians to deliver the best results for your patient. We believe that DTS have some of the finest implant technicians in the UK. This tailored with our innovation, digital technology and consistent pricing structure ensures that our offerings in the world of implant restorations are something to shout about.

For more information please give us a call and speak with our team, who will happily guide you through our workflows and advise how we tailor them to your practice.

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Posted by Graham Littlejohn

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Graham is a Director for DTS and Core3dcentres.

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