What can I do to be a more successful practice? | DTS talks to Adam Morgan

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Adam Morgan has spent his entire career helping organisations grow and reach their goals. DTS picked his brain to find out the secret to growing your dental practice. 

As I travel around the country, I meet so many great Dentists who are looking to be successful and do the type of dentistry they enjoy. They ask me questions like “how can I have the type of practice I have in my head” and “what can I do to be more successful?” My answer is almost always the same! I give them the same advice that one of my mentors gave me – “Invest into your own growth and be steadfast about it.” 

Today, there is a huge opportunity for us in the dental world, to create businesses and design our patient care in such a way that was only dreamt of years ago. Only twelve years ago, Facebook was created. Instagram was launched in October 2010. Can you imagine what our world will look like in another ten years? 

This excites me, because it means that those who see the world differently now, will be the ones shaping the future tomorrow. I teach modules of the Digital Smile Design courses here in the UK with Jameel Gardee and Elaine Halley and we love meeting eager, forward thinking Dentists and their teams. For those looking to take their dentistry to the next level or who want to get out of the “churn” and create a different type of practice, I strongly encourage you to attend one of the Digital Smile Design courses in Manchester or London this year. 

It is always an investment to attend courses but the gain from attending this course in particular will be huge. Aside from meeting truly world class teachers, people often leave with a completely different world they now know exists – a world where technology is making dentistry incredibly precise, where they are taught how to present treatment plans of all sizes, how to use photography and video to leave patients in awe of their new smiles – and I could go on! 

This year, don’t leave your growth and development to chance. Take control of it. Be intentional about growing and you will benefit massively from the time, money, mind and emotion you put into it.

Adam has created many global sales, customer service & leadership programs, particularly in the dental industry. Nationally recognised for excellence in training & development, his high energy, fun and light hearted approach to learning delivers long lasting behavioural change and tangible results.

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Adam works specifically with dental practices throughout the UK and helps dental teams to raise the bar, be more successful and achieve their goals and vision.

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