DTS caught up with Dr Jameel Gardee, Partner at The Glasgow Smile Clinic and Digital Smile Design UK Team Member, to chat about digital dentistry

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DTS caught up with Dr Jameel Gardee, Partner at The Glasgow Smile Clinic and Digital Smile Design UK Team Member, to chat about digital dentistry within his practice and what he sees for the future of the industry. 

Why did you make the jump and purchase an Intra-oral scanner?

Because dentistry is changing today. Definitely if you look at real life and what patients expect, they are not used to having things done in traditional ways. Every patient has a smartphone, most people use interactive technology on a day-to-day basis and I think that when they come to the dentist they expect to see the same thing. The future is digital and our patients are using it right now; if you don’t want to be left behind you should involve yourself in digital dentistry too.

What is the greatest benefit of using the scanner, both for you and the practice?

On a day to day basis digital dentistry has made my life much easier because things are predictable, they are accurate and in the long term it is more cost effective as it excludes costs such as impression materials or other consumables.

Why did you choose the 3Shape TRIOS impression system?

The scanner is an investment from the beginning so before making the jump I wanted to make sure that we really got the best possible scanner for our practice. I did a lot of research and looked at a few of the studies based out of The University of Zurich and the American Dental Association comparing different scanners and we found out that the TRIOS system was more accurate and predictable for single cases, for other restorations and also full arch scanning. It is very easy to use and we could have hands on training with it. I liked the fact that it scans in colour, rather than black and white, and the fact that it is also open sourced: it is not closed in the way that some of the other systems are which allows us to manipulate the files the way we want them to be manipulated.

What were you most looking forward to about the first UK SKYN Concept Mock-up course, held by DTS in August?

I was definitely most looking forward to being in the company of the legends of dentistry like Master Paulo Kano & Livio Yoshinaga. In my opinion alongside Christian Coachman they have revolutionised dentistry in the 21st century. Maybe at some point in the future we will look at this time in the same way that we look at the legends of the past. When we think about GV Black and the things that he achieved, I think later generations will look back on this time in the same way and see the change from traditional to digital dentistry was really led by these people in particular. The academic and clinical achievements of Master Paulo Kano are fantastic.

What excites you the most about the future of dentistry?

Definitely technology and the way that things are evolving, I see each day becoming much easier and much more predictable. The technology takes out the fear and worry factor of “are my restorations going to fit?” and “Is the patient going to be happy?” I can now predictably show the patient what they’re going to get before actually having done it, and then when you get it back it is what they have approved already – this takes out all the guesswork.

Why did you choose to work with DTS and Core3dcentres?

I think that you have to be involved with sellers of the equipment that you can trust and that have a proven track record of delivering good solutions and good follow up. In that respect, having used a lot of different suppliers in the past, I am really thrilled to be involved with Core3dcentres and DTS from the point of view that after you have bought the equipment they really ensure that it’s being used properly and effectively. Any questions that we have had have been answered and nothing has been too difficult for them to either come to our practice to resolve, or they can sort it over the phone. I urge that if you are thinking about involving yourself in digital dentistry to not just look at the equipment but look at the people who are selling you the equipment as well. 

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