A full metal palate is exceptionally thin and offers the lightest possible denture whilst being far stronger than full acrylic. A full metal palate can be more complex. Please contact us to discuss individual cases.


A unilateral chrome casting is a super-lightweight partial denture that helps hide ugly metal clasping in the mouth.

Mesh Palate

Mesh palate full dentures and partial dentures provide the benefit of added strength with a cash mesh instead of full cast chrome. Mesh palates are covered with acrylic to give a more natural appearance.

New CAD/CAM Chrome Process

As a sister company of Core3dcentres, DTS is working digitally to deliver a broader range of products and services. This is changing the way our laboratory functions in terms of traditional manufacture of dental restorations, prosthetics and orthodontics.

Digital models allow us to deliver more accurate results and increase the flexibility and accuracy of chrome design. The prosthesis is designed digitally in our laboratory and then “printed” by Core3dcentres – before being returned to us to be cast and finished. 

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Partial Upper/Lower