Lava™ Classic is recommended for use with Intra-oral scanners.  

The Lava™ system from 3M ESPE is one of our more prestigious independent crown and bridge options.

All Lava™ products are created using Lava™ Design software by 3M ESPE, in conjunction with CAD/CAM technology. The combination of the high milling accuracy and calculation of the sintering shrinkage via the system software results in an excellent fit. Lava™ has an incredibly natural appearance, with a choice of eight different shades, and the fracture strength of zirconium oxide is many times higher than that of conventional all-ceramic materials.

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Lava Classic
Impression Technique Traditional or Digital
Material Independent 3M zirconia coping, with multi-layered porcelain overlay
Indications Full mouth, implants
Recommended use​ Aesthetic regions
Cementation Conventional cementation. For self-adhesive or adhesive cementation see special instructions.
Turnaround Time 5 lab days
Method of manufacture Digitally designed and manufactured then built up with porcelain by hand
Shades/ Colouring Internal effects, customized shading, multi-layered
Add-on options Fit to dentures rests and ledges 
Benefits Independent aesthetics, excellent fit, metal-free
Warranty 5 years
Type Independent crown