DTS is the market leader in producing porcelain fused to metal (PFM) restorations. This type of crown has been tried and tested for decades and offers strength, reliability, aesthetics and good marginal fit.

All PFM restorations use biocompatible alloys an the finest feldspathic porcelain systems to ensure attractive and natural aesthetics whilst providing secure bonding strength. Our standard restorations are subjected to a 13 point quality control checklist. 

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Standard PFM
Impression Technique Traditional or Digital
Material Semi-precious or precious alloy coping with layered porcelain overlay
Indications Single unit crowns, multi-unit bridges
Recomended use Full mouth
Margins Feather edge, chamfer or shoulder
Cementation Conventional cementation
Turnaround Time 5 lab days
Method of manufacture Traditional cast and built up by a senior technician
Shades/ colouring Standard shades
Add-on options Fit to denture, attachments etc. Charges apply
Benefits Traditional method, choice of alloys, 10x microscope fit, multi layered build
Warranty 5 years for complete crown
Type Standard crown