VITA Triluxe® is recommended for use with an Intra-oral scanner. 

These are second generation VITABLOCS blanks that have been proven a million times over. VITA TriLuxe® restorations are digitally designed and manufactured.

Triluxe® is ideally suited to a range of aesthetic treatments in the anterior area. The integrated tooth shade gradient allows for digital reproduction of a natural play of colour. Triluxe® boasts superior aesthetics and is subject to minimal wear. This new Vita Ceramic enables us to create the ultimate in highly aesthetic restorations.

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Vita TriLuxe®
Impression Techniques Traditional or Digital
Material Feldspar ceramic
Indications Full mouth, crowns, inlays, onlays, implants
Margins Feather edge, chamfer, shoulder
Cementation Adhesive bonding
Turnaround Time 5 lab days
Method of Manufacture Digitally designed and manufactured 
Shades/ colouring standard 
Add-on options None
Benefits High aesthetics, minimal wear
Warranty 5 years for a complete crown
Type Independent crown