Opalite™ is a monolithic zirconia which requires much less preparation space than traditional crowns; whilst also being far more aesthetic than traditional PFM restorations.

Every dentist has experienced challenging situations with bruxers and grinders. Opalite™ Restorations have a flexural strength of 1100MPa and are virtually clinically unbreakable. Opalite™ all-zirconia crowns and bridges are designed digitally and milled using CAD/CAM technology before being polished to a high standard finish. 

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Impression Technique Traditional or Digital
Material Monolithic translucent zirconia
Indications Bruxers/grinders, implants
Recommended use Full mouth
Margins Feather edge, chamfer or shoulder
Cementation Conventional cementation
Turnaround Time 5 lab days
Method of Manufacture Digitally designed and manufactured
Shades/ colouring No internal effects, standard shades
Add-on options Non
Benefits High durability, extreme strength, metal free, minimal preparation space, economical
Warranty 5 years for complete restoration
Type Independent crown